To systematically upgrade and simulate the basic knowledge and communication, the department of Science and Humanities conduct workshops and provide training to students for handling projects. The department lays the foundation stone for the application of Science in Engineering, which is a necessary factor to be considered for an engineering graduate. The courses offered in the science and humanities department includes Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics and Technical English.


  • Mr. Sri Krishna Ramesh
  • Dr. Benaline Sheeba. V
  • Mr. Gopu. T
  • Ms. Jani Subha. T
  • Dr. Siva Kala. P
  • Ms. Subha. H
  • Ms. Nirmala. J
  • Ms. Usha. K
  • Ms. Sreeja. V
  • Ms. Vijaya Rani. P
  • Ms. Revathi. T
  • Ms. Priya Dharshini. S
  • Ms. Sahaya Leona. J
  • Ms. Jessy
  • Mr. Jenish
  • Ms. Kavitha
  • Ms. Preethi. R. S
  • Ms. Lathisha. K
  • Ms. Jeen Rexlin. D
  • Dr. Manoharan. P
  • Ms. Sunitha. T
  • Ms. Freeda. G
  • Ms. Salina Theres. L
  • Ms. Kohila. A. K
  • Ms. Ajitha. R
  • Ms. Samgeetha. S
  • Ms. Anusuya. V
  • Ms. Ahila. R
  • Ms. Jeba Jeeva Rani. M
  • Ms. Ajila. R
  • Ms. Chithra. J

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